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Improve the look of graphics and their performance by updating an Intel graphics card regularly

Improve the look of graphics and their performance by updating an Intel graphics card regularly

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The Intel Graphics Driver updates and maintains a computer's integrated graphics. Most Intel processors include integrated Intel HD graphics. Fortunately, this particular graphics solution helps consumers avoid spending money on an expensive graphics processing unit (GPU). Frequent driver updates are required with this piece of hardware like any other computer component. Without a doubt, Intel Graphics Driver is the best solution for keeping hardware updated and prepared for day-to-day use.

What Does The Intel Graphics Driver Offer To Users?

On startup, Intel Graphics Driver checks for available updates right away. Users are notified of available updates for their Intel HD graphics and prompted to download the update. Both custom and automatic installation options are available for each update. From there, the program takes care of the installation process, restarts the computer, and then users are ready to start using their updated drivers.

Why Would Users Want To Keep Drivers Updated?

Stability and performance gains are the keys to Intel HD driver updates. Without Intel Graphics Driver, users will notice their machine doesn't perform well over time. Driver updates patch hardware and software problems. Performance gains are possible after an update as well. There's no reason a computer user should fail to update their integrated graphics drivers whenever a new update is available.

Intel Graphics Driver: The Issues

When a person uses Intel Graphics Driver, they might notice a couple of annoyances. First of all, the program comes with updates on a regular basis. Not everyone will like having a new update available every week or two. The overwhelming number of updates will seem unnecessary to many users. Plus, Intel Graphics Driver won't make a difference whatsoever for users of standalone GPUs. Only Intel HD drivers can be updated here.

In the end, Intel Graphics Driver is an excellent program for computers with Intel HD graphics. The program is necessary to keep the drivers updated and running properly moving forward. An individual shouldn't hesitate to download this program, and automatic updates can keep things going without much user input.


  • Improved stability and performance for integrated Intel graphics.
  • Program itself handles updates in an efficient manner.
  • Users won't encounter intrusive notifications and popups.


  • Updates sometimes take a long time to download and install.
  • High frequency of updates can be annoying.
  • The program only takes up space for those with standalone GPUs.